ESI Mat-Wizard

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29 Jan 2018 PAM-STAMP Utilities 2020.0 ESI Group

Updated on 15 Sep 2020

ESI Mat-Wizard 2020.0 (V3.0.0 build9) is now available


PAM-STAMP add-on allowing through an excel sheet to evaluate the best Yield criteria, to give an FLC prediction and even more features


ESI Mat-Wizard 2020.0 is embeded in the installation of PAM-STAMP 2020.0

This new version 2020.0  has been improved, proposing now:

  • To evaluate the best Yield criteria
  • To get a prediction of FLC
  • Plasticity laws (yield criteria) - New features!
  • Strain hardening curve laws - Completely New !


Download the file(s)

DownloadESI_MatWizard_2020.0_Cookbook.pdf 1.5 MB 7.62 MB