Excel Reporting tool 1.0

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5 Dec 2013 PAM-STAMP Utilities 1.0


This tool is to help users to generate a report in Excel based on PAM-STAMP simulation results - tool with open code


  • Installation:

Open the Excel file attached

Fill the location of the stamp.bat file (browse to \ESI Group\PAM-STAMP\2012.1\Binary-64Bit\GUI\stamp.bat).

  • Use:

In Sheet 1, import simulation data: the global .ATT simulation file is required, and fill the information asked.

Then use the import images buttons and validate the scripts in PAM-STAMP by clicking "Apply" or "Do All" in Scripting tab.

  • Troubleshooting:

If the tool seems to not working: images are not imported in Excel sheets, click on Macro tab, and activate the Use relative references option, as shown in picture 2.

You can refer and follow the user's guide here attached for more information.

This tool is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties whatsoevers. But the code inside the tool is open, so you have the possibility to customize it.

Download the file(s)

DownloadESI_PAM-STAMP_Excel_Reporting_Tool_v1.0.zip 454.35 KB
DownloadESI_PAM-STAMP_Excel_Reporting_Tool_v1.0_User_Guide.pdf 771.31 KB