Solver Check 1.1

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5 Feb 2014 PAM-STAMP Utilities 1.1 ESI GmbH


This tool is to help users to check if some simulation is running in their local machines and to stop them easily if needed.


  • Installation

Download and unzip the file here attached, and save the exe file locally.

You can add it in PAM-STAMP under External Tools, with Customize >> External Tools >> Add tool: create a new content and fill the command with the path to execute the tool, for example C:\Add-In\Solver_Check_V1.1.exe; Add an icon in a custom toolbar to launch it more easily (optional).

  • Use

1. Launch the Solver check tool by executing the exe file or clicking on the button in PAM-STAMP if you prepared it in a new button in a customized PAM-STAMP toolbar;
2. Processes psolid.exe in your tasks list are checked:

if there are some runs, light become green and status=Solver is running,

if there is no simulation in run, light is yellow and status = Nothing in Solver

3. I you want to stop the simulations which are running on your local machines: click on STOP SOLVER, and after confirmation, simulations are stopped (if several processes psolid.exe are ongoing, all of them will be killed), light becomes red and Status = Solver stopped;

4. Then you need to click on Re-check to refresh the tool (then Nothing in solver and the light is become again yellow)

  • Limitation:

The tool is working with PAM-STAMP 2018.0 based on psolid.exe, then since 2019.0, solver changed into pamcsm.exe, and tool is based now on both. So if psolid and pamcsm are both running, stop request will stop both.

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