Step by step and useful tools toolbars 1.0

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5 Dec 2013 PAM-STAMP Toolbars 1.0 Mecas ESI


In parallel of the default workflow in PAM-STAMP, you can use these 2 customized toolbars dedicated to do a step by step setup with useful tools to save many clicks.


  • Installation:

Unzip the file attached and save the 2 toolbars (.ctb files), and import them as new toolbars in PAM-STAMP:
Right click in toolbars area and select Customize: in Toolbars tab, click on import, and browse to the right path where you saved the toolbars

You can also read the presentation attached to switch to simplicity mode in PAM-STAMP GUI.

  • Use:

Use these toolbars to create a step by step setup.

Download the file(s)

DownloadHow_to_Switch_to_Simplicity_Mode_in_PAM-STAMP_GUI.pdf 2.7 MB 1.22 KB