Windows Queuing System 2.6

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8 Mar 2019 PAM-STAMP Utilities 2.6 ESI GmbH

Updated on 12 Jul 2022

Queuing system 2.6 is now available


This tool is to help users to manage the launch of simulations for PAM-STAMP, PAM-FORM and multistage .pc files with a queue in Windows from versions 2019.0


Changes vs version 2.5

1/ Bug-fixes 

  • Empty “queuestart.txt” does not cause a crash
  • Empty file is created when “esi_queue_from_gui.bat” has been executed manually

2/ Developments :

  • Directory for the batch-file to start the job from the PAM-STAMP GUI can be customized → Configuration file has changed
  • Current jobs (waiting and running) are saved
  • Can be read again, when the Queuing-System was closed

Changes vs version 2.4.1

  • PAM-STAMP optimizations are supported
  • PAM-FORM is supported
  • Multistage *.pc files are supported
  • Installation is now done in “C:\Program Files\ESI Group”
  • Dedicated folder is now available in Desktop “ESI Group” folder

Changes vs version 2.3

Simulations can be started from middle stages :

  • *.cfg file is used to set the parameters for the simulation
  • Environment variable “PS2G_BREAK_STAGE” is not used anymore

Changes vs version 2.2

1/ No limit of 16 Cores. Number of cores must be given by the user. It is now limited to 16 parallel jobs

2/ Optional arguments can be given

  • In the *.cfg of the Queuing-System
  • In the GUI of the Queuing-System
  • Via “additional parameters” in the PAM-STAMP GUI host definition (when the job is queued from the PAM-STAMP GUI)


  • Be administrator of your machine and switch off the User Account Control.
  • Unzip and execute the ESI_Queuing-System_2.5_setup.exe attached
  • Follow requirements listed in Help button (Readme) according to your platform: .NET Framework is needed: check the document to install the right one.


  • Run as administrator (right click on the shortcut for doing it)
  • Custom the configuration file if needed, to adapt the paths, and others parameters (To find it: check the installation directory)
  • Load a case, select the number of CPU, solver type: SMD or DMP (64Bit only), precision: SP or DP
  • Add it in the queue
  • Start the queue
  • Follow the progress of your calculation
  • Add others cases in the queue


This tool is aimed to be used with PAM-STAMP solver 2019.0. For previous PAM-STAMP solvers versions, this is needed to use ESI Queuing System 2.1.

For more information, read the documentation files attached.

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