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Roll Hemming Meshing Tool 1.0

Published 27 Nov 2014
Tool to mesh the outer parts based on Deltamesh before doing Roll-Hemming in Pamstamp
  • How to install

Copy the file here attached, unzip it and launch the .exe

  • How to use

1/ In CATIA: Define 3 colors on the part: use the native colors from CATIA: Flanges in Yellow, Radius in Blue, and Others in Green, then export as igs.

2/ In the Roll hemming meshing tool: select the igs file and click on the button Mesh (deltamesh licence is needed)

3/ A .fma file is generated with the same name as the igs used and in the same place as the igs file

4/ Import it in Pamstamp with import mesh by selecting the fma format type.

Optional: modify the meshing strategies in the Settings page for Flanges, Radius and Others zones.


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