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Solver Check 1.0

Published 5 Feb 2014
This tool is to help users to check if some simulation is running in their local machines and to stop them easily if needed.
  • Installation

Download and unzip the file here attached, and save the exe file locally.

You can add it in PAM-STAMP under External Tools, with Customize >> External Tools >> Add tool: create a new content and fill the command with the path to execute the tool, for example C:\Add-In\Solver_Check_V1.0.exe; Add an icon in a custom toolbar to launch it more easily (optional).

  • Use

1. Launch the Solver check tool by executing the exe file or clicking on the button in PAM-STAMP if you prepared it in a new button in a customized PAM-STAMP toolbar;
2. Processes psolid.exe in your tasks list are checked:

if there are some runs, light become green and status=Solver is running,

if there is no simulation in run, light is yellow and status = Nothing in Solver

3. I you want to stop the simulations which are running on your local machines: click on STOP SOLVER, and after confirmation, simulations are stopped (if several processes psolid.exe are ongoing, all of them will be killed), light becomes red and Status = Solver stopped;

4. Then you need to click on Re-check to refresh the tool (then Nothing in solver and the light is become again yellow)


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