IC.IDO 11.1 - Release Notes

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Virtual Reality IC.IDO Release Notes 11.1

Dear Valued Customer,
Leveraging our steady stream of innovation, ou major release, IC.IDO 11, contained fundamentally new technology. IC.IDO 11 is were we delivered innovative workflows and major enhancements to the customers.
The mains value proposition of IC.IDO is to act as a multi-disciplinary communication and decision-making plarform. This means supporting our customers to design products that can be efficiently assembled and serviced and because of that, there are diverse core updates in IC.IDO 11.1, all affecting smoother job executions.
In this context IC.IDO 11.1 not only provides a more robust, reliable and feature-complete extention of IC.IDO 11, but it also includes valuable enhancements in key workflows for the jobs to be done in your daily productive use cases.

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