ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019.1

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ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019.1 17 Apr 2019

ESI IntegrAddUp 2019.1 : a unique component for the simulation of Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process from AddUp Manager™ software and its Distortion Simulation AddOn.

AddUp and ESI Group propose an ergonomic and accessible simulation module they jointly designed specifically for metal additive manufacturing. Distortion Simulation AddOn  module enhances the range of functionalities of the AddUp Manager™ software for the definition and production tracking of parts in additive manufacturing. Distortion Simulation AddOn enables part-scale simulation of the manufacturing process by a layer-by-layer activation approach. This module simulates distortions and residual stresses in the workpiece at any time during production. The analysis of a manufacturability criterion (maximum distortion in build direction) gives a manufacturability assessment, representative of the feasibility of the part as defined by the user considering its support strategy and orientation.

ESI Integraddup 2019.1 is composed of the following applications:


  • ESI – AddUp server component: ESI AM Integraddup server, also called dispatcher: this application will manage the communication between AddUp Manager software (client) and ESI Integraddup software (server).
  • Distortion Core: AM Core 2019.1: Mostly based on ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019.0 - Including minor modifications for better compatibility with Add-up manager .
  • Distortion Module.
  • Distortion Mesher: VisCART from ACE+Suite 2018.5
  • Distortion Solver: Sysweld 2018.0

This component does not contain:

  • AddUp Manager™


See the Press Release for details about Distortion Simulation AddOn.

Only AddUp is able to provide the full solution package of Distortion Simulation AddOn (AddUp Manager™). Please contact AddUp if you are interested by this software.

See the Release Notes for details about this release.

No documentation available yet.

Software Files (ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019.1)

Windows 64 Bits
2.28 GB
Full Version
File name:
MD5 : 8a5d06f4c01f4ee4708d78dfa19e065a

ESI Additive Manufacturing InterfrAddUp 2019.1 installer for Windows platforms including AM Core 2019.1, CFD-Viscart mesher from ACE+Suite 2018.5, SYSWELD 2018.0

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute ESIAdditiveManufacturingIntegrAddUpSetup.exe

Please refer to Installation guide for more detail