INENDI Inspector 4.6

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INENDI Inspector 4.6 22 Mar 2019 To the selected users only

ESI INENDI Inspector allows any user to perform interactive explorations over very large amounts of data.

Thanks to its innovative set of visualisations, the user is freed from the classical burden of query-based interactions and can then use all his logical and deductive power to discover valuable insights from the data.

The ability to correlate several datasets with different structures permits to intuitively understand the causal chains over the course of the whole life cycle of the studied product.

It can be used for different purposes:


  • Initial understanding of large and complex datasets
  • Isolating weak signals very efficiently
  • Controlling and improving ML algorithms

Please see the Release Notes of INENDI Inspector 4.6 for more details.


Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 10 (1803+)
  • Linux (Flatpak)
  • AWS EC2


Software Documentation

Software File name File size  
INENDI Inspector 4.6 - Release Notes INENDI_Inspector_4-6_ReleaseNotes.pdf 1.81 MB Download

Software Files

Description Platform File size File type
INENDI Inspector 4.6 Windows 64 Bits 2.44 MB Software Full Version
File name: inendi-inspector_installer.exe
MD5: 47d0401fc045761fc0d46ccd48f977d2


INENDI Inspector 4.6 Linux 64 Bits (Intel x86 proc. only) 459 bytes Software Full Version
File name: README_Linux.txt
MD5: f44dc65bb8d766a58c592ede468b8642

Linux platform:

Installating the software (as a user) :
$ flatpak install --user -y

Running the software :
* from the desktop environment : Simply click on the "INENDI Inspector" shortcut
* from CLI locally : $ flatpak run --command=bash com.esi_inendi.Inspector
* from CLI on a remote machine with SSH export display : $ flatpak run --command=bash com.esi_inendi.Inspector -c "DISPLAY=$DISPLAY"

INENDI Inspector 4.6 Linux 64 Bits (Intel x86 proc. only) 452 bytes Software Full Version
File name: README_AWS.txt
MD5: ac80d67262b734a9342139d25b3172a0