Visual-Environment 14.0

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Visual-Environment 14.0 4 Jun 2018

Visual-Environment 14.0 continuously expands its modules supporting Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation across multiple CAE domains – from meshing, pre/post processing, and reporting, to automating CAE processes, workflows and simulation data and content management. Visual-Environment makes it possible for you and customers to work with all ESI products in one simulation environment and thus in different CAE domains.

Release Highlights:

  • Evolution of the environment in line with updates in the various solvers supported by Visual-Environment.   
  • NEW! Visual-AM (Additive Manufacturing) is a new module in Visual-Environment for metallic additive manufacturing process modeling and optimization. The two solvers supported include Distortion and Prescan.  
  • Visual-SDK Batch is a Python interface to APIs. Scripts for Crash, Safe and Impact can be run directly from console without launching VE.   
  • Visual-CEM addresses the brand new CEM-TD solver with 3D3D chaining, restart or extended simulations, GUI panels revamping and generic E-mesh with progress bar. 
  • Mesh motion in Visual-CFD is enhanced to support multiple motion. It supports translation, rotation, oscillation or user-defined type of mesh motion.
  • Visual-Composer allows automatic association of Mesh with CAD, while keeping Part ID consistency across simulation Models.  
  • Penetration/intersection checks is redesigned in the VPS modules.  
  • Visual-SYSTUS provides an advanced computation manager allowing you to access easily every option available in the SYSTUS solver•  
  • For Composites, a new tool to create resin channels automatically is introduced within Visual-RTM.   
  • Visual-Mesh continues to upgrade its support for the latest CAD formats, besides a host of other improvements to enhance your experience with the Geometry and Meshing module.  
  • Visual-Viewer comes with remarkable performance improvements of the native ERF 2.X model loading and first cycle animation. It also supports upload of ERF files to VisualDSS Cloud in just one click. You can visualize contour values along sections as section thickness.  
  • Visual-Assembly and Visual-Systems are supported under Context Strategy and Tokens Strategy for licensing, checking out 6 tokens each. Visual-Composer checks out 6 tokens from this release.   
  • Visual-Systems now allows building a co-simulation mechanism with VPS.

Please look at Visual-Environment 14.0 Release Notes to learn more about this release.


Software Documentation (Visual-Environment 14.0)

Visual-Environment 14.0 - Release Notes
VisualEnvironment-14.0_ReleaseNotes.pdf (15.4 MB)
Visual-Environment 14.0 - Installation Guide
VisualEnvironment-14.0_InstallationGuide.pdf (2.31 MB)

Software Files (Visual-Environment 14.0)

Windows 64 Bits
2.91 GB
Software Full Version
File name:
MD5 : ad831f4a32914e5a9fef14fd41dd9ba4

Visual-Environment 14.0 for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 SP1 64-bit Operating Systems.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe


Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
3 GB
Software Full Version
File name: VisualEnv140_Linux.tar.gz
MD5 : fb14ee2dfafb4d9ee0493898867732d2

Visual-Environment 14.0 for RedHat Enterprise 6 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 64-bit Linux distributions(Glibc = 2.12)

How to install:

Uncompress (tar xvf) VisualEnv140_Linux.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH