Visual-Environment 14.5

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Visual-Environment 14.5 7 Dec 2018

The latest version of ESI Visual-Environment 14.5 is now available.

Visual-Environment is an open architecture CAE platform that continuously expands its capability to enabling smart Virtual Prototyping.  Integrated simulation tools support meshing, pre/post processing, and reporting, to automating and customizing CAE processes, workflows and simulation data and content management across multiple CAE domains. Visual-Environment makes it possible for customers to work with all ESI products and 3rd party solver (e.g. LS-DYNA, MADYMO, …) in one simulation environment and thus in different CAE domains.

Release Highlights


  • Stress-relief involved by Heat Treatment Process now simulated in Visual-AM, the new module for Additive Manufacturing.
  • Sub Assembly Management enabled through dedicated automatic file and model management tools in Visual-Assembly.
  • Optimization of wrapping (insulation) scheme for the investment casting process has been developed for Visual-Cast.
  • Visual-CEM supports model symmetry & thin wires as well as very large array antennas, known as AESA antennas (Active Electronically Scanned Array antennas widely used in Aeronautics & Defense).
  • Overset is the new and smart way of modeling relative movement between different objects in Visual-CFD. Different components will be meshed separately, then merged and solved together. The result from one set of mesh will be interpolated to other at boundary.
  • Visual-Crash DYNA is enhanced to retain the location of user comments as they are, on import and export of LS-DYNA keyword file.
  • Visual-Crash PAM enables advanced simulation-based dummy positioning in its Dummy Integration Workflow and provides improvements for the 2D Seat Belt Routing. ESI Input Checker is now fully integrated.
  • Visual-Heat Treatment provides solution for heat treatment 3D machining chaining simulation.
  • Visual-Mesh improved its CAD Import capabilities and provides productivity gain in casting through improved CAD Assembly functionalities. In welding, user experience better usability and functionality through improved remeshing.
  • In Visual-RTM the deformation of core material during injection is now taken into account.
  • Visual-Seat enhances early design with automated workflows and dedicated processes.
  • In Visual-Systems a Co-Simulation Export dialog box is introduced to export customized FMU.
  • Visual-SYSTUS comes with a Regulatory Analysis Application enabling users to perform RCCM/ASME analysis and to post-treat all the results from a basic to an advanced user mode.
  • Visual-Viewer supports new functionalities for Multi Spectrum (e.g. visualize different results on various parts in the model). It also provides improved animation performance of ERF-FEMZIP files by using frame batch loading.
  • Visual-Weld introduces new Nistche contact formulation for 3D welding and heat treatment models.

Please look at Visual-Environment 14.5 Release Notes and learn more about this release.


Visual-Environment 14.5.1 Patch

This update release is applicable for all Whiplash processes in Visual-Seat(Auto) context.


Software Documentation (Visual-Environment 14.5)

Visual-Environment 14.5 - Release Notes
VisualEnvironment-14.5_ReleaseNotes.pdf (23.43 MB)
Visual-Environment 14.5 - Installation Guide
VisualEnvironment-14.5_InstallationGuide.pdf (1.78 MB)

Software Files (Visual-Environment 14.5)

Windows 64 Bits
3.37 GB
Software Full Version
File name:
MD5 : 6b1d6acef0a232968bda124e3477ba6f

Visual-Environment 14.5 for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 SP1 64-bit Operating Systems.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe


Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
3.29 GB
Software Full Version
File name: VisualEnv145_Linux.tar.gz
MD5 : 2dd913652dd669b81af6e8be51d90289

Visual-Environment 14.5 for RedHat Enterprise 6.5 and 7.5.

How to install:

Uncompress (tar xvf) VisualEnv145_Linux.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH