Software Downloads

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PAM-STAMP 2015.1
PAM-STAMP 2015.1: a complete solution from concept and styling to try-out and part production. Highlights of the new release: Piece cost estimation and nesting Complete solution for die face surfacing and validation, based on...
29 Jul 2015

IC.IDO 10.1.2
IC.IDO: The Virtual Reality Solution for 3D Immersive Product Experience
27 Jul 2015

VA One 2015.0
VA One 2015.0 offers a range of enhancements that will enable users to address common modeling applications even more easily in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industry sectors. Key new application-based feature groupings...
22 Jul 2015

IC.IDO 10.1.1
IC.IDO: The Virtual Reality Solution for 3D Immersive Product Experience
1 Jul 2015

ProCAST 2015.0
Casting Simulation Suite: a customized and complete solution
5 Jun 2015

CEM Solutions 2015.2
CEM Solutions 2015.2, Special Version with Efield 2015.2 solvers and CADfix 10
1 Jun 2015

NOVA 2015.0
ESI NOVA is a multipurpose acoustics prediction tool based on the transfer matrix method (TMM). This method is essentially based on the representation of plane wave propagation in different media in terms of transfer matrices....
25 Mar 2015

PAM-STAMP 2015.0
The Professional Solution for Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
6 Feb 2015

FOAM-X 2015.0
ESI FOAM-X is an advanced software used for defining acoustical properties of open-cell porous materials, perforated plates and resistive layers, based on (1) impedance tube measurements following ASTM E1050 or ISO 10534-2, or (2...
5 Feb 2015

CEM Solutions 2015.0
A complete environment for computational electromagnetics
4 Feb 2015

VA One 2014.5
VA One: The one simulation environment for vibro-acoustic analysis and design
28 Nov 2014

ProCAST 2014.5
Casting Process Simulation: A customized and complete solution
18 Sep 2014

Weld Planner 2014.0
ESI SYSWELD: From weld quality to body manufacturing & distortion engineering, Virtual Welding & Assembly Suite offers a unique computer-aided assessment of material characteristics, residual stresses and distortions by...
8 Aug 2014