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Technical papers

Simulation Boosts the Use of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Materials for Mass Production

Thermoplastic composite materials promise many advantages for the mass production of high performance composite components. These materials made of melt-processable resins are light, stiff, have an infinite shelf... read more

Keywords: composites, fiber reinforced, thermoplastic


Effect of curing overheating on interlaminar shear strength and its modelling in thick FRP laminates

During the curing process, the exothermic crosslinking reaction inside epoxy resin-based composites causes overheating and, eventually, a thermal degradation of the matrix. Thick sectioned epoxy composites require an... read more

Keywords: Prepreg,Thermosetting resin, Cure behaviour, Mechanical testing


Automated Tape Laying (ATL) Process Simulation Through 3D Thermo-Mechanical Model

The present paper describes the current state of work done during the STELLAR project on the ATP/ATL simulation. To assess the welding quality of the thermoplastic tapes, the computation of the contact pressure, the... read more

Keywords: ATL process, FE simulation, thermo-mechanical simulation, laser model, tool kinematic


Electric Steelmaking Coupled Multiphysics Simulation by Finite Elements

State of the art computer aided coupled multiphysics simulation tools can be advantageous in the understanding and design of industrial processes. This paper presents such a tool for electric steelmaking,... read more


Casting, CFD

Hydrogen Tracking In Production Of A Special Forging: From Ingot Casting To Heat Treatment Using Simulation

Hydrogen has been and always will be a source of various problems within steel production because of its generally detrimental effects on processing characteristics and service performance of steel products.

... read more

Keywords: Hydrogen Flakes, Microstructure, Casting Simulation, Forging Simulation, Heat Treatment Simulation


Verification Of Continuous Casting Process Of Steel Round Billets Using Numerical Modelling

Continuous casting technology is currently the primary method in production of steel billets and slabs. The primary and secondary cooling must ensure the continuous casting of steel without strand breakouts and other... read more

Keywords: Steel, continuous casting, numerical modelling, metallurgical length, hot tears


Inverse Characterization Method For Draping Simulation Based On Automatic Measurement Of Fiber Orientation

FibreMap project aims at the development of an automatic quality control and feedback mechanism to improve draping of carbon fibers on complex parts. There is a strong need in the automotive industry for automatic... read more

Keywords: Draping Simulation, PAM-FORM, PLASFIB, PAM-OPT, Inverse Characterization, Optimization Methods, Shear Behaviour


Virtualization Of High Vacuum And High Performance HPDC Machine For Top Quality Casting

OEM and automotive market is driven foundry suppliers to high performance castings: high structural integrity, high mechanical properties, welding and heat treatment. These requirements are typically obtain with... read more



Numerical Methods For 3D Compressive RTM Simulations

The extensive use of composite materials in automotive structural components with high mechanical requirements is today limited by different concerns such as production rates. The compressive resin transfer molding... read more

Keywords: Compressive RTM, Fluid/Solid coupling, Composites virtual manufacturing, Process simulation


Modeling of structure-borne underwater radiated noise using a small reference structure

Increased environmental awareness has created the need in commercial shipping, in addition to established military requirements, to understand and manage structure-borne machinery noise radiated to water. Noise... read more


Advanced RADAR Sensors Modeling for Driving Assistance Systems Testing

With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) getting always more sophisticated, the related Virtual Prototyp-ing platforms have to propose a very high level of accuracy with improved flexibility regarding vehicles... read more

Keywords: ADAS, RADAR sensors, Virtual Prototyping, Driving Simulators, ESI Pro-SiVIC™ platform


A Coupled Approach To Weld Pool, Phase And Residual Stress Modelling Of Laser Direct Metal Deposition (LDMD) Processes

This paper describes a complete CFD model of the laser metal deposition process. The model covers the complete process, starting from the simulation of powder particles in the deposition head and finishing with the... read more

Keywords: Laser Cladding, melt pool modeling, CFD/FEM coupling

Additive Manufacturing

Modelling & Validation of Blown Powder in Additive Manufacturing Processes

This paper discusses the modelling challenges related to additive manufacturing and describes a seamless coupling of length scales allowing detailed analysis of the melt pool, laser track, material deposition and... read more

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Blown Powder Processes, Laser Direct Metal Deposition, Melt Pool, Residual Stresses, Distortion, Modelling

Additive Manufacturing

Alternative Solution Algorithms For Primal And Adjoint Incompressible Navier-Stokes

Regardless of the specific discretisation framework, the discrete incompressible Navier-Stokes equations present themselves in the form of a non-linear, saddle-point Oseentype system. Traditional CFD codes typically... read more

Keywords: Oseen Preconditioners, Adjoint Navier-Stokes, Block-Coupled, SIMPLEC, V-Coupled, Augmented Lagrangian.


Powder Bed Process Modelling & Validation

This paper discusses the modelling challenges related to additive manufacturing in general and Powder Bed processes in particular. A seamless coupling of length scales is presented. It allows detailed analysis of the... read more

Additive Manufacturing