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Technical papers

Virtual Temperature Controlled Seat Performance Test

The demand for seating comfort is growing – in cars as well as trucks and other commercial vehicles. This is expected as the seat is the largest surface area of the vehicle that is in contact with the occupant. While... read more

Keywords: Heated, Ventilated, Seat, Life Cycle Performance, Cushion Compression, Thermal Comfort, Virtual Seat Solution

Virtual Seat

Added Value of Process Modelling in Development of Automotive Die Casting Parts

Porosity in high performance castings can reduce mechanical properties and consequently degrade both component life and durability. Automotive Market increasingly requests High Performance Castings with high... read more

Keywords: Die Casting, HPDC, part design, die design, casting development loop, digital tuning, die cycling, simulation, Porosity, Workflow, Macros, Automatization, Renault, ESI


Ray Tracing In VA One

Steady-state analysis: Predicts the frequency response due to a steady state sources, including:

Multiple compact acoustic sources Sources with directivity (with BEM interface, CLF or Test) Handle complex shaped...
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Vibration Analyses in the Marine Industry based on System Simulation

Presentation Overview

What is system simulation and where it is used in marine applications? Transient and steady-state torsional vibration analysis Application to vibro-acoustics Conclusions
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Using CFD to predict Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) and Propeller Noise

Prepared for AIAA Aviation 

ASME Turbo Expo

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Interior noise prediction in cargo ship

Noise in cargo ships has become an important topic as international regulations are increasing the constraints. Predicting the sound pressure level in crew cabins for a new ship and diagnose the effect of design... read more


Use of a cognitive simulation model of the driver to support the Virtual Human Centred Design (V-HCD) of ADAS and automated vehicles

This paper presents a research programme jointly implemented by IFSTTAR and ESI group in order to develop an integrative simulation platform able to support the human centred design of future Advanced Driving Aid... read more

Keywords: Driver Model, Virtual Human Centred Design, Simulation, ADAS, Vehicle Automation

Virtual Systems & Controls

System Simulation of Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor systems belong to the category of continuous conveyors and are used all over the world for bulk material handling over long distances, for example in open-pit mines, such as the lignite areas in Germany... read more

System Modeling

Developing and testing control unit software using virtual models

In the development process of new components, new systems or new machines, the integration of different disciplines, such as hydraulics, mechanics or electronics, is becoming increasingly important in the development... read more

System Modeling

The Practical and Effective Deployment of Virtual Casting

It can be an interesting journey when a foundry moves from quite conventional process design methods to one based on virtual prototyping technology, i.e. computational or virtual casting. Specific examples are... read more


Compression Resin Transfer Molding (C-RTM) Simulation Using a Coupled Fluid-solid Approach

Composite materials are being used at an increasing rate in the automotive industry due to their superior mechanical properties at low densities leading to lightweight components.  Continuing this trend requires the... read more


ESI VPS multiscale performance simulation for laser structured Composite-Metal joints

An economic utilization of modern engineering materials can only be achieved through a combination of different materials depending on the local design requirements. This further leads to questions about the... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Modelling Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Defects

The qualification of powder bed fusion processes is based on lengthy and expensive experimental trial and error. If models can be applied to predict process details and determine the probability of manufacturing... read more

Additive Manufacturing

Virtual Seat Manufacturing and Testing for FMVSS 202a Backset Prediction

CAE capabilities have long been used for performing static and dynamic structural analysis during the seat design process. More recently, the soft parts of the seat including foams, trim and suspension have also been... read more

Virtual Seat