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Technical papers

End-to-End Seat Virtual Prototyping from Manufacturing to Performances

Today, in the transportation industry, two antagonist phenomena lead the OEMs to change radically their design processes.

On the one hand, the technical constraints which influence the design of the vehicles... read more

Virtual Seat

New finite element human models representing elderly, disabled and overweight people for aircraft seat comfort simulation

In the growing but highly competitive market of the airline industry, airliners have to differentiate themselves from their competitors while increasing or maintaining their profitability. They request innovations in... read more

Keywords: Virtual Seat Prototype, Comfort, Simulation, Design, Human Model, Elderly, Overweighted, Disabled

Virtual Seat

Inverse Characterization Method For Draping Simulation Based On Automatic Measurement Of Fiber Orientation

FibreMap project aims at the development of an automatic quality control and feedback mechanism to improve draping of carbon fibers on complex parts. There is a strong need in the automotive industry for automatic... read more

Keywords: Draping Simulation, PAM-FORM, PLASFIB, PAM-OPT, Inverse Characterization, Optimization Methods, Shear Behaviour


Coupled Vibro-Acoustic and CFD Modeling Solution for Complex-Shaped Mufflers Subject

Flow within a duct strongly affects the propagation of acoustic waves. This effect must be addressed by the vibroacoustic modeling of duct systems that are subject to flow. The effective sound propagation speed in a... read more

CFD, Vibro-Acoustics

Design and Analysis of Composite Front Bumper Crush-can System

Composite materials provide an avenue to achieve weight savings in structural automotive components due to their low density, high structural performance, and excellent energy absorption during impact. However, many... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Influence of Powder Bed Characteristics on Material Quality in Additive Manufacturing

In powder bed based Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) or Electron Beam Melting (EBM), the spatial distribution of the individual powder particles is typically unknown.... read more

Keywords: Selective Laser melting, Powder bed characteristics, CFD simulation, Particle distribution, Powder packing

Additive Manufacturing

Towards rapid qualification of powder-bed laser additively manufactured parts

Qualification of aerospace components is a long and costly process involving material properties, material specifications, manufacturing process, and design among others. Reducing qualification time and cost while... read more

Keywords: Rapid qualification, Integrated computational materials engineering, Uncertainty quantification, Process modeling, Materials modeling, Process monitoring, Non-destructive evaluation, Verification and validation

Additive Manufacturing

Draping simulation with a new finite element formulation involving an internal unit cell

Today finite element simulations for draping are based on anisotropic continuum mechanical models. Effects like fiber separation, fiber sliding and Poisson’s ratio greater than 0.5 are not describable with such an... read more

Keywords: pam-composites


Accurate Liquid Resin Infusion simulation through a Fluid-Solid coupled approach

The production rates increase in aerospace industry implies a growing interest in composite manufacturing process simulation with a strong requirement on predictive accuracy. In this context, ESI enhances its PAM-... read more

Keywords: pam-composites


Simulation Boosts the Use of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Materials for Mass Production

Thermoplastic composite materials promise many advantages for the mass production of high performance composite components. These materials made of melt-processable resins are light, stiff, have an infinite shelf... read more

Keywords: composites, fiber reinforced, thermoplastic


Effect of curing overheating on interlaminar shear strength and its modelling in thick FRP laminates

During the curing process, the exothermic crosslinking reaction inside epoxy resin-based composites causes overheating and, eventually, a thermal degradation of the matrix. Thick sectioned epoxy composites require an... read more

Keywords: Prepreg,Thermosetting resin, Cure behaviour, Mechanical testing


Automated Tape Laying (ATL) Process Simulation Through 3D Thermo-Mechanical Model

The present paper describes the current state of work done during the STELLAR project on the ATP/ATL simulation. To assess the welding quality of the thermoplastic tapes, the computation of the contact pressure, the... read more

Keywords: ATL process, FE simulation, thermo-mechanical simulation, laser model, tool kinematic


Electric Steelmaking Coupled Multiphysics Simulation by Finite Elements

State of the art computer aided coupled multiphysics simulation tools can be advantageous in the understanding and design of industrial processes. This paper presents such a tool for electric steelmaking,... read more


Casting, CFD

Hydrogen Tracking In Production Of A Special Forging: From Ingot Casting To Heat Treatment Using Simulation

Hydrogen has been and always will be a source of various problems within steel production because of its generally detrimental effects on processing characteristics and service performance of steel products.

... read more

Keywords: Hydrogen Flakes, Microstructure, Casting Simulation, Forging Simulation, Heat Treatment Simulation


Verification Of Continuous Casting Process Of Steel Round Billets Using Numerical Modelling

Continuous casting technology is currently the primary method in production of steel billets and slabs. The primary and secondary cooling must ensure the continuous casting of steel without strand breakouts and other... read more

Keywords: Steel, continuous casting, numerical modelling, metallurgical length, hot tears