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Technical papers

SEA Modeling And Validation Of A Truck Cab For Sound Package Optimization

Consumers and regulations drive the noise requirements to levels constantly decreasing. For vehicles, noise control strategies include the application of noise control treatments on the vibrating panels. The... read more


Using CFD flow fields to inform acoustic finite element models of complex mufflers with thermal and flow effects

Many actual muffler systems with complex geometry have large temperature variations and large variations in the flow field under normal operating conditions. Often perforated regions and other complex design elements... read more

Keywords: CFD flow, complex mufflers, thermal and flow effects, CFD VA coupling

CFD, Vibro-Acoustics

Wind Noise Contribution to Vehicle Interior SPL

Recent developments in the prediction of the contribution of wind noise to the interior SPL (Sound Pressure Level) have opened a realm of new possibilities. The main physical mechanisms related to noise generation... read more


Microporosity Prediction and Validation for Ni-based Superalloy Castings

Microporosity in high performance aerospace castings can reduce mechanical properties and consequently degrade both component life and durability. Therefore, casting engineers must be able to both predict and reduce... read more


Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables For Residual Stress Management: Consumables Development And Testing Qualification

Residual stresses induced during joining are major contributors to the overall stresses in the vicinity of structural weld joints. Undesirable tensile residual stress is observed in low-carbon structural steel weld... read more

Keywords: Low-Transformation-Temperature Welding Consumables, Martensitic Transformation, Phase-Induced Volumetric Expansion, Residual Stress Management, Compressive Residual Stress, Fatigue Strength, Microstructures, Microhardness

Welding & Assembly

Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables for Residual Stress Management: A Numerical Model for the Prediction of Phase TransformationInduced Compressive Residual Stresses

Harmful tensile residual stresses are observed in structural steel weld joints as a result of the thermal strains between the solidified weld metal and surrounding base material. These harmful stresses, superimposed... read more

Keywords: Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables,Martensitic Transformation, PhaseInduced Volumetric Expansion, Residual Stress Management, Compressive Residual Stress, Numerical Analysis, Residual Stress Evolution with Time

Welding & Assembly

Part Ejection in Magnesium High Pressure Die Casting

One important process step in Magnesium HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) is the ejection of part from the mold. Due to solidification and cooling down the part shrinks onto the mold. To overcome the strong forces... read more


Virtual Manufacturing versus Challenges in Lightweight Vehicle Programmes

The paper presents a brief summary of three different R&D projects carried out in collaboration between ESI Group and a number of academic and industrial partners. All projects are directly related to producing... read more

Sheet Metal Forming

A Mixed Hybrid Finite Volume Scheme For Incompressible Navier-Stokes

Mixed Virtual Elements (MVE) is an innovative class of discretization schemes allowing solution of PDEs on virtually any mesh; such schemes stem from the idea of building discrete operators mimicking certain key... read more


End To End Virtual Prototyping Of 3D Complex Shaped Thermoplastic Composite Structure In Mapicc3d Fp7 European Project

Driven by the future environmental standards, transport industries look for CO2 impact reduction of theirs vehicles. A way to reach this goal is to decrease the weight of the structural parts, by replacing some... read more

Keywords: simulation, braiding, consolidation, manufacturing, structural performance, end to end Virtual Prototyping


Integrating Design Portal System

As part of the effort to create the new aero space craft, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) analysed and optimized their design processes. The INTEGRATING DESIGN PORTAL SYSTEM (IDPS) helps to... read more

Keywords: web portal, workflow design, optimization and management, project management, integration with LDAP, ARIS and enterprise knowledgebase

Virtual Integration Platform

From Part Design to Part Production - Virtual Hot Forming Engineering Illustrated – Focus Material Modelling

In a press hardening process, significant efforts are necessary to model material behavior and combinations of material in one part, patch work, and die spotting. In this paper, a focus will be put on accurate... read more

Sheet Metal Forming

Prediction of Autoclave Curing of Aeronautical Composites Parts and of Resulting Spring-IN

Composite materials based on thermoset matrix are commonly used for manufacturing of aeronautics structures. These materials require after draping a polymerization in an autoclave. The curing stage done under... read more

Keywords: composite distortion, autoclave simulation, curing, Finite elements, CFD


3D Thermo-Mechanical Model Based Simulation Of the Welding of Thermoplastic Composite Tape Using Automated Tape Laying (ATL) Process

The present paper describes the current state of works done during the STELLAR project about the ATP simulation. To assess the welding quality of the thermoplastic taps, the computations of the contact pressure, the... read more

Keywords: ATL process, FE simulation, thermo-mechanical simulation, steady state, tool kinematic


High Speed Reactive RTM process simulation for automotive structural parts

High speed Reactive Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) is a promising process for the mass production of structural composite parts in the automotive industry. In this technology a low viscosity reactive thermosetting or... read more