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Technical papers

Shielding Effectiveness Calculations for Cabinets (1 – 30 GHz) in collaboration with HUAWEI

This paper deals with the computation of high-frequency fields which penetrate into two different cabinets with two different air-flow hole shapes. The software used for the simulations is Efield® and the two... read more

Keywords: high frequency, electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, FDTD, MLFMM, Efield


Predicting SC Acoustic Tests Using the Boundary Element Method

This paper focuses on how to effectively predict random acceleration spectra experienced during spacecraft (S/C) acoustic qualification tests representing the acoustic environment at launch by using a fully coupled... read more


Design Loads and Random Vibration Specifications for Spacecraft instruments

After a first estimation based on statistics, the design loads for instruments are generally estimated by coupled spacecraft/instrument sine analysis once an FE-model of the spacecraft is available. When the design... read more


Acoustic Test Prediction and Correlation for the SGEO Satellite Platform STM Model

Spacecraft structural designs have to be designed and verified for a number of mechanical environments, namely:

Quasi-static loads Sinusoidal vibration Acoustic Noise Shock

The environments are present during... read more


A Case Study of an Automotive Roof with Cost Analysis

The automotive engineers are seeking the best manufacturing processes in order to meet the highly exigent requirements in terms of lightweight and cost. The main scope of the present paper is to give an understanding... read more

Keywords: CRTM, HP-RTM, Cost analysis, Automotive


Advancements of Virtual Prototyping in the World of Demanding Regulations

Regulations in safety and fuel efficiency are putting more and more pressure on the Automotive Industry to move towards lightweight solutions. Consequently, innovative research and a 3G engineering approach (gage,... read more

Keywords: Sheet Metal Forming, Material Cost Estimation, Die Face Design, Press Hardening, Welding Assembly, Lightweight, Virtual Prototyping

Sheet Metal Forming, Virtual Performance Solution, Virtual Reality

Effects of Manufacturing Process in Crash Simulations

This article describes an impact of a manufacturing, which can significantly change real parts behavior. The influence of technology process is neglected in regular simulations. However, advanced finite elements... read more

Keywords: spot welds, Multi Model Coupling, chaining of simulations, manufacturing effects, FEM, crash

Virtual Performance Solution

Hybrid strategy to simulate millimeter-wave RADAR devices for automotive ADAS

A multiscale hybrid strategy is proposed to simulate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in both Short Radar Range (SRR) and Long Radar Range (LRR). The first development stage was focusing on small sized radar... read more

Keywords: Active Safety, ADAS, Multi-Scale, Hybrid Methods, Blind Spot Detection, Pre-Crash, Impact Mitigation


Advancements in tailored hot stamping simulations: cooling channel and distortion analyses

Hot stamped components have been widely used in the automotive industry in the last decade where ultra high strength is required. These parts, however, may not provide sufficient toughness to absorb crash energy.... read more

Keywords: Hot Stamping, 22MnB5 Steel, Tailored Properties, Hardness Estimation, Distortion Analysis, Cooling Channel Analysis

Sheet Metal Forming

Virtual prototyping of lightweight designs made with cold and hot formed tailored solutions

Tailored hot and cold formed solutions are one key to the lightweight construction challenges of the future. Only tailored solutions allow the combination of soft and hard zones for the best possible crash... read more

Keywords: Hot forming, Tailored parts, Virtual prototyping

Sheet Metal Forming

Enhancements and validation of FPM fluid structure interaction module applied to curtain airbag deployment

Models to represent in position situations based upon uniform pressure assumptions are well established and have been used extensively in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. More recently, in the... read more

Keywords: FPM, CFD

CFD, Virtual Performance Solution

Development of system identification technique for the control of structually flexible SMT machines

Acquiring dynamic characteristics of a system is an important issue for predicting and evaluating the system’s performance in early development stages in order to shorten the development time as well as to meet... read more

Keywords: SMT machines, System identification, Transfer functions, Dynamic performance, Control algorithms

Virtual Integration Platform

Collaborative development of finite element models for Honeycomb crash test barriers: Crash / Volkswagen

Deformable barriers used in car crash testing are based on aluminium honeycomb blocks covered by aluminium plates. These structures, that largely deform and tear during crash tests, represent a challenge for the... read more

Keywords: Crash barriers, Aluminum Honeycomb, Scaling

Virtual Performance Solution

Aero Forming - An Introduction of Collaborative Engineering

The decrease of physical prototypes and the growing power of simulation in the design process require greater control in the design chain calculation. This is the main reason for the arrival of SDM in the perimeter... read more

Virtual Integration Platform, Virtual Performance Solution

Design of acoustic insulation in ships based on predictive vibro acoustic models

The marine industry has used empirical models to predict transfer functions between source locations and noise sensitive cabins extensively in the past. These empirical methods work well for standard construction... read more