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Technical papers

Conjugate heat transfer in hypersonic flows

In certain applications, different regions of the computational domain experience flow conditions/physics that are so different that it is very difficult for a single solver to produce sufficiently accurate results... read more

Keywords: Hypersonic, Re-entry, High Speed Compressible Flow, Shock Wave, Aerodynamic Heating, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Conduction, Free Convection, Radiation, FASTRAN, ACE+


Windnoise : Coupling wind tunnel test data or cfd simulation to full vehicle vibro acoustic model

Wind noise has become in recent years a significant contributor to perceived sound inside automobiles. Many methods are nowadays available to couple wind tunnel or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) data to a full... read more

CFD, Vibro-Acoustics

Predicting the acoustics of rattle

Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) are acoustically perceived quality attributes that consistently rank among the top "things gone wrong" in initial quality surveys for many new products. BSR issues discovered late in the... read more


Multiphysics modeling of high density IC encapsulation

A multi-physics modelling approach for simulating the plastic encapsulation of high density IC packages is presented. This modelling approach is used to predict the two-phase flow of a curing resin, the heat transfer... read more

Keywords: Multi-Physics, Multi-Scale, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Wire Sweep, High Density IC Packaging, Plastic Encapsulation, PBGA, ACE+


Methodology to predict transient engine compartment air temperature following engine shut down

Cooling and heat protection of the engine compartment significantly impact the performance of combat vehicles. An increased heat load occurs during soak-back after engine shut down, where the fans are shut down. Heat... read more


Readiness and value of virtual reality for industrial machinery

The Industrial Machinery market (Industrial equipment, machine tool) has never been so complex. Machinery companies are requested to continuously innovate and optimize their products to face to increasing global... read more

Virtual Reality

RCS predictions for electrically large complex structures

Radar Cross Section (RCS) prediction of electrically large complex structures is a technical challenge. This paper presents the study carried out to examine the applicability of PAM-CEM Solutions, the simulation... read more



Estimation of the threat of IEMI to complex electronic systems

The threat of ultra wideband (UWB) sources is interesting for military issues. This paper summarizes information concerning the voltages generated from some commercially available UWB generator systems and their... read more


Analysis of influence of plastic bumper on radio wave characteristics

From the standpoint of vehicle appearance, vehicle radar units should be located behind plastic bumpers. Plastic bumpers are made of dielectric material, which causes reflection, scattering, refraction, and... read more


Violent Flow using a fully coupled SPH-HE approach

Designing structures located either off-shore or on-shore, able to withstand loads coming from large impacting waves or for entering water poses a major technological challenge. Virtual prototyping using advanced... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Numerical simulation of powder metal forming process using the SPH Method

The method of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is used for the numerical simulation of compaction of iron powder. The character of SPH allows for accurately tracking relevant material properties within a... read more

Keywords: Metal forming, Iron powder, Compaction, Sintering, Numerical simulation, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Sheet Metal Forming, Virtual Performance Solution

Wave impact simulation using smoothed particle hydrodynamics

This paper presents a Virtual prototyping (VP) tool which is built around an explicit Finite Element (FE) software package with an embedded and fully coupled Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) solver that enables... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Pressure-corrected SPH with innovative particle regularization algorithms and non-uniform, initial particle distributions

This paper will present an enhanced SPH version, including some particle distribution algorithms, for which many of the well-known drawbacks of the standard SPH method are solved or, at least, relieved. Recent... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Numercial design and analysis of flexible structures

When working with lightweight structures it is fascinating to observe how their inherent beauty seems to rather spontaneously ‘appear’ – usually after a laborious process of definition and optimisation, not by a... read more

Keywords: Fluid Structure Interaction, FSI, LISA, PAM-Crash, PAM-Flow, naturally turbulent wind, NatWind


Effective and efficient virtual engineering based on reliable virtual prototyping solutions for the oil and gas industry

The present economical climate rewards efficiency and quality in all sectors of industry. To achieve these goals, businesses, including those in oil and gas, rely increasingly on technology for conventional and... read more

Virtual Performance Solution