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Technical papers

Welding characteristics and modeling of lithium-polymer battery for electric vehicle

The fatigue life is a major issue of weld joints due to a severe thermal exposure during the welding process. Welded joints experience highly localized heating and cooling from welding processes. As a result, the... read more

Welding & Assembly

Study on mechanical characteristics of lithium-polymer pouch cell battery for electric vehicle

In order to characterize deformation and failure behaviors of Lithium-Polymer pouch cell battery and its components, various mechanical tests were performed. Uniaxial tensile properties of electrodes, separator, and... read more

Electromagnetics, Vibro-Acoustics, Virtual Performance Solution

Numerical simulation of a helicopter ditching with emergency flotation devices

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is used to model the ditching of a helicopter. Helicopters have a high centre of gravity, are not integrally watertight so tend to roll over and sink within seconds of landing on... read more

Virtual Performance Solution

Modeling Constellation Virtual Missions Using the Vdot Process Management Tool

The authors have identified a software tool suite that will support NASA’s Virtual Mission (VM) effort. This is accomplished by transforming a spreadsheet database of mission events, task inputs and outputs,... read more

Virtual Integration Platform

Modeling Tsunami-Structure interaction and subsequent flooding to assess the safety of NPP and industrial structures

The 2011 events in Japan when the Fukushima Daiichi NPP suffered a major accident have focus the attention on the risks associated with major tsunamis. After recalling these events and the associated safety... read more

Virtual Performance Solution