Conduction Between Concentric Thick-walled Cylinders

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The steady state conductive heat transfer to the air-gap between infinitely long concentric thick-walled cylinders is modeled and compared with an analytical solution. This is a step-by-step guided introductory tutorial for setting up a heat transfer model in CFD-ACE+.


This tutorial introduces an user to CFD-ACE+ heat transfer module and discusses the following model setup topics in detail:

  • Importing a grid file.
  • Setting model properties.
  • Setting problem type.
  • Setting volume conditions.
  • Setting boundary conditions.
  • Setting initial conditions.
  • Setting solver control conditions.
  • Requesting printed and graphical output.
  • Submitting model to obtain a solution.
  • Checking for solution convergence.


A good place to start for those interested in using CFD-ACE for heat transfer problems. Heat transfer measurements between infinitely long concentric cylinders are a practical way of measuring the thermal conductivity of gases. Convection effects could be minimized by reducing the spacing between the cylinders and radiation effects could be determined independently to obtain an accurate measurement of heat transfer due to conduction only.

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