Kinematic Device- IC.IDO physics creation (session files for download)

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IC.IDO Virtual Reality

To evaluate the behavior of assembly assist devices, or other industrial manipulators, and the human operators interaction with those devices and the product being manufactured IC.IDO allows you to experience not only the proposed new products, but also how you, the operator, might interact with those products in the context of assembly or service assist devices and manipulators. 

Defining the physical behavior of devices like assembly manipulators and other devices will require the definition of Rigid Simulation objects and the definition of joints between objects. Hinges, sliders, fixed anchor points, and other contraints that might be needed to correctly allow for simulation of the physical tooling can be swiftly defined in IC.IDO. 

This video and the downloadable ZIP archive of the session, or geometry of manipulator as *.icb file, used in the completion of the exercise will ask the user to Define geometry groups, add simulation objects, define hinge axes, define joints and simulate the behavior or complex assembly manipulator tooling.

Completion of this tutorial and similar tasks requires:

  • IC.IDO Build & Maintain Solution license, or
  • IC.IDO Integrate license, or
  • IC.IDO Modules IDO.Explore plus IDO.SolidMechanics

Note: Saving of states as mentioned in the video is enabled by IC.IDO Build & Maintain or IDO.Present (in combination with other IC.IDO modules)

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