Navigating in IC.IDO 13.x and newer

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IC.IDO Virtual Reality

This short tutorial covers the basics of navigating within IC.IDO while exploring and experiencing your proposed Virtual Build, Virtual Product Exploration, or Virtual Maintenance validation experience. 

Note that in IC.IDO the button used for navigation is typically a right hand controller button and is user mappable. For the duration of this tutorial we will refer to the "Navigation Button" which can be assigned to nearly any button on the VR hand controller. This tutorial will not cover how to define the custom button mapping, which will be a topic in another tutorial to be published separately. 

For your own practice a complete IC.IDO session created in IC.IDO v13.2 has been zipped and attached to this lesson. You can use this session with version 13.2 and newer to practice navigating and even stage your own "cooperate" session to race your colleagues in the completion of the obstacle course and assembly and completion of the "Hotwire" assembly and accessibility test.

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