Persistent Experience - Sharing IC.IDO experience outside of application (13.x+)

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IC.IDO Virtual Reality

One of the remaining challenges in conducting a Virtual Reality design or engineering review of new products, processes, and working environments, is that the review itself if highly dependent on synchronous collaboration. Attend the review to be able to really experience the issues being addressed or avoided in the proposed design or assembly/service process planning. If key stakeholders are unable to attend the same review as their counterparts from other parts of the organization their concerns, no matter how valid, might be lost or overlooked. 

To mitigate the risks emerged by this common occurence, IC.IDO 13.x and beyond, enables the session to be exported as a set of panoramic viewpoints of either static 3D scenes or animated sequences. These exported experiences can be viewed using Web Browsers that have WebVR (WebXR) capabilities enable, this includes HTML5 browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome (note that in Chrome it has been necessary to configure your browser to support VR/XR extension flags, status as of  May 2020). 

Annotations made during a review using IC.IDO will be present in the exported experiences, these annotations can be viewed from the browser, selected, reviewed in detail and edited. Any edits to annotations or new annotation created using the Persistent Experience can be exported by the remote/delayed reviewer and subsequently integrated back into the IC.IDO session. 

Included in this tutorial and download are:

  • Complete Session stored using IC.IDO 13.1
  • Complete Export sample for persistent experience created using that session

To use the Persistent Experience SAMPLE, merely unpack the full contents into either a local file system or mount to network server or place on intranet. Then open the "Index.html" using your web browser.

Geometry is courtesy of Jungheinreich, shared with permission


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