Plasma Modeling Using ACE+ - Tutorials (ICP and CCP)

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This set of tutorials will familiarize the user with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP) models.

  1. Tutorial 1: 2D ICP Model – Specifying coil excitation, surface deposition mechanism, absorbed power target, use of non-Maxwellian EEDFs using lookup tables, sheath models for ion energy and angular distributions, ion momentum option, improving convergence and pulsed mode.
  2. Tutorial 2: 3D ICP Model – Setting up a filament coil and specifying current indirectly using the DC conduction model, examining asymmetries in 3D
  3. Tutorial 3: 2D CCP Model – Setting up capacitive coupling, use of ion momentum and heat transfer options, the application of dual-frequency excitation either on different electrodes or the same electrode, magnetically enhanced plasma, very high-frequency excitation and computation of (post-processing) ion energy and angular distributions using particle-based Monte Carlo simulations
  4. Tutorial 4: 2D ICP-CCP Model – Setting up both capacitive and inductive coupling in the same chamber model, parametric runs

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