Tesla Valve - Post-processing and Visualization

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Solutions obtained from CFD-ACE+ could be visualized and post-processed using CFD-VIEW. This tutorial uses CFD-ACE+ flow solution for a Tesla valve to introduce the user to several features available in CFD-VIEW.


This tutorial will discuss the following CFD-VIEW features in detail:

  • Reading data sets into CFD-VIEW.
  • Visualizing data in a single plane using contours and vectors.
  • Plotting and manipulating vector fields.
  • Generating streamtraces.
  • Using calculator feature to modify variables.
  • Using point and line probes to study specific areas of the flow field.


A good place to start for CFD-VIEW beginners.

Tesla valves named for its inventor Nikola Tesla are check valves that do not use any moving parts. The lack of any moving parts makes Tesla-type valves more reliable than conventional check valves. These type of valves are being extensively studied with the objective of optimizing important geometric and flow parameters for possible use as micropumps. The model library contains several tutorials using Tesla valves to demonstrate all stages of flow modeling.

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