Topology Check, Clean up, Repair and Tool Meshing

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PAM-STAMP Sheet Metal Forming

The documents here attachedĀ  are to help PAM-STAMP users to understand the background and get the best possible results and minimize work time, by doing check, clean and repair the CAD with the tools available in VISUAL MESH before doing any mesh.

Download and unzip the file here attached: you will find 4 documents:

  • 01 is the main document for Topology Check, Clean up, Repair and Tool Meshing,
  • 02 give method for what to do before making a die face or meshing an existing die,
  • 03 contains tips and tricks for repairing the topology,
  • and 04 contains overviews of some cases for training;
  • and also CAD files to train with topology check, clean up and repair in VISUAL MESH and CAD files to train with meshing in PAM-STAMP.

Download the file(s) 11.5 MB