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Tutorials and Model Library

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ESI Player 1.0 - New Update
This video is a basic introduction to access and use ESI-Player 1.0. It shows how to login or create a VisualDSS Cloud account. It is also explained how to upload, download and share files and showing new functionalities, e.g. measure distance between 2...
Virtual Integration Platform

ESI Player 1.0 - Homepage Options
This video is about how to access local or cloud-based files in ESI-Player. It also shows integrated communication options to connect with ESI support.
Virtual Integration Platform

ESI Player 1.0 - Model & Toolbar Funtionalities
This video demonstrates functionalities, display modes, animation options, section cuts, contour display and settings. It also shows how to display part details and upload files to VisualDSS Cloud.
Virtual Integration Platform

ESI Player 1.0 - Overlay Functionality
This video shows step by step how to overlay two models and display model attributes. It also describes how to animate two selected models and how to edit model attributes of both selected models.
Virtual Integration Platform