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Tutorials and Model Library

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Microsphere Assay
Bead based Immunoassays are very popular for clinical applications involving biochemical and biological detections. The geometry considered is a Y-junction employed in many micro-fluidic systems.

Dielectrophoresis occurs because of the interaction between the induced dipole and the electric field. The interaction creates a net force, which depends on both the gradient of the electric field and electrical properties (permittivity and conductivity)...

Binding Kinetics in a Biosensor
This is a 3D model of chemical binding kinetics in a millimeter-scale biosensor. The objective of the model is to investigate the effects of various kinetic parameters on the simulated response. A general objective of modeling such problems (not covered...

Tesla Valve - Post-processing and Visualization
Solutions obtained from CFD-ACE+ could be visualized and post-processed using CFD-VIEW. This tutorial uses CFD-ACE+ flow solution for a Tesla valve to introduce the user to several features available in CFD-VIEW.

Inclined Ramp Geometry and Mesh Creation
This is a step-by-step guided introductory tutorial of the basic workflow in CFD-GEOM.

Conduction Between Concentric Thick-walled Cylinders
The steady state conductive heat transfer to the air-gap between infinitely long concentric thick-walled cylinders is modeled and compared with an analytical solution. This is a step-by-step guided introductory tutorial for setting up a heat transfer model...

Laminar Flow Past a Backward Facing Step
Incompressible subsonic flow past a two-dimensional backward-facing step is modeled to estimate the laminar reattachment length (i.e., the point where the separation bubble disappears on the channel floor behind the step). This is a step-by-step guided...