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Surface Reaction in a 2-D Axisymmetric Reactor
This tutorial investigates the etching of an Aluminum surface due to Chlorine gas when a mixture of Argon (Ar) and Chlorine (Cl2) flows over an Aluminum substrate. Similiar reactors are used in semiconductor fabrication and MEMS applications.

Cavitating Hydrofoil
In this tutorial, the cavitation characteristics of a hydrofoil is investigated and compared to experimental data. The capability for multi-dimensional simulation of cavitating flows is of critical importance for efficient design and performance of many...

Cavitation in a Sharp-edged Orifice
Cavitation generally refers to the formation of vapor filled cavities at low pressure regions of a flow field and their subsequent implosion while passing through high pressure regions of the flow field. Their phenomenon generally is undesirable causing...

DNA Hybridization
DNA Hybridization is a method for combining one strand of DNA sample against other (second) strand of DNA probe on a single support membrane. The degree of binding depends on the molecular geometries. The signal for a given geometry and kinetic parameters...

Microsphere Assay
Bead based Immunoassays are very popular for clinical applications involving biochemical and biological detections. The geometry considered is a Y-junction employed in many micro-fluidic systems.

Dielectrophoresis occurs because of the interaction between the induced dipole and the electric field. The interaction creates a net force, which depends on both the gradient of the electric field and electrical properties (permittivity and conductivity)...

Binding Kinetics in a Biosensor
This is a 3D model of chemical binding kinetics in a millimeter-scale biosensor. The objective of the model is to investigate the effects of various kinetic parameters on the simulated response. A general objective of modeling such problems (not covered...

Tesla Valve - Post-processing and Visualization
Solutions obtained from CFD-ACE+ could be visualized and post-processed using CFD-VIEW. This tutorial uses CFD-ACE+ flow solution for a Tesla valve to introduce the user to several features available in CFD-VIEW.

Inclined Ramp Geometry and Mesh Creation
This is a step-by-step guided introductory tutorial of the basic workflow in CFD-GEOM.

Conduction Between Concentric Thick-walled Cylinders
The steady state conductive heat transfer to the air-gap between infinitely long concentric thick-walled cylinders is modeled and compared with an analytical solution. This is a step-by-step guided introductory tutorial for setting up a heat transfer model...