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Tutorials and Model Library

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ESI Hood Inner - From Die Face Design to Simulation
Tutorial to show how to perform the workflow from Die Face Design with data from PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 to simulation in PAM-STAMP with the ESI Hood Inner, which is a standard forming case. Find here attached data, case, tutorial presentation and a movie...
Sheet Metal Forming

How to setup a Marriage simulation
Marriage of closures can be considered as a preparation process to have 2 parts in a combined position, to be then in the starting position for assembly, or welding, or hemming.
Sheet Metal Forming

How to do Super Plastic Forming (SPF) simulation
Superplastic forming (SPF) is a process which enables geometrically complex shapes to be created from Titanium, Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. Forming is at a specified relatively high temperature and at a specified low maximal strain rate. With these...
Sheet Metal Forming

GUI Customization and wokflow presentation
Document to help users to well understand the graphical user interface in Pamstamp with some customizations, and also a workflow presentation.
Sheet Metal Forming

Thick Walled Cylinder Under Internal Pressure
A thick walled cylinder under internal pressure is simulated using CFD-ACE+.  The radial displacements predicted by CFD-ACE+ are compared to theoretical displacements. Finally, the effect of different mesh elements on the final solution is also plotted.

Bending of an Anisotropic Elliptical Plate
An anisotropic elliptical plate under a constant pressure loading is modeled and compared with an analytical expression for the vertical (z-direction) displacement provided by Timoshenko and Woinowsky-Krieger. Since this problem is symmetric, only a...

Unsteady Laminar Flow Over a Cylinder
The unsteady laminar flow over a circular cylinder is simulated at a Reynolds number of 150. CFD-ACE+ predicted results are compared with experimental Strouhal numbers.

Steady Taylor-Couette Flow
The viscous flow between two concentric cylinders is often referred to as the Taylor-Couette flow. At low Reynolds numbers, the flow is steady and purely azimuthal and analytical solutions can be found for the velocity profile and torque experienced by the...

Flow Near an Oscillating Flat Plate
The analysis of incompressible flow near an oscillating flat plate (also identified as Stokes 2nd Problem) is a long established problem in fluid mechanics, and an analytical solution is readily available. In this example, CFD-ACE+ predicted velocity...

Flow Near an Impulsively Started Flat Plate
The analysis of incompressible flow near an impulsively started flat plate (also identified as Stokes 1st problem) is a long established problem in fluid mechanics, and an analytical solution is readily available. CFD-ACE+ Solution is compared with...