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Laminar Flow in a Channel
Two flat plates of infinite width are placed in parallel to form a channel. Laminar flows in such channels are also known as the Plane Poiseuille flow.  When flow fully develops, the velocity profile across the channel would be parabolic and the pressure...

Thermal Boundary Layer over a Flat Plate
A thin heated plate is placed in a flow field so that it is perfectly aligned with the free streamlines thus allowing the flow to form hydraulic and thermal boundary layers. This boundary layer flow has been studied extensively and is well described in...

Laminar Boundary Layer over a Flat Plate
A thin semi-infinite plate is placed in a uniform unidirectional stream, so that it is perfectly aligned with the streamlines. The fluid forms a boundary layer near the wall where viscous forces dominate. This boundary layer flow has been studied...

Getting Started from Design to compensation - Front Hood Reinforcement
Find here an interesting getting started with Pamstamp based on a Front Hood Reinforcement (FHR) example.
Sheet Metal Forming

Geometry Repair and Meshing of an Exhaust System
This tutorial introduces you to some simple geometry repair tools available within CFD-GEOM. The cleaned up geometry is then used to create an unstructured volume mesh.

Parallel User Subroutines - UOUT
This tutorial demonstrates the usage of parallel access routines made available from V2014.0. The specific examples demonstrated here include: 1. Opening and closing files for sequential access across multiple processes. 2. Opening and closing files for...

How to Simulate Stretch Forming of an Aerospace Part?
A tensile forming process in which the applied tensile force acts in the direction of the work-piece axis
Sheet Metal Forming

Metallurgical Engineering - Hotforming
Background to better understand phase transformations and mechanical material properties in a hot-forming simulation, with some additional explanations about plastic law implemented in PAM-STAMP and SYSWELD.
Sheet Metal Forming

How to generate blank with variable thickness in Visual-Mesh?
In PAM-STAMP we can simulate some processes like hot-forming or superplastic forming where initial blank has variable thickness. Visual-Mesh has special functionality which can create mid-surface mesh with information about thickness per each element....
Sheet Metal Forming

How to mesh a Tailored Welded Blank in Visual-Mesh?
If you need to create a tailored welded blank in PAM-STAMP with non linear welding lines or more than 2 straight lines with angle, you need to use VISUAL-MESH for blank mesh creation.
Sheet Metal Forming