Weld Planner 2014.0

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Weld Planner 2014.0 2014年8月8日

ESI SYSWELD: From weld quality to body manufacturing & distortion engineering, Virtual Welding & Assembly Suite offers a unique computer-aided assessment of material characteristics, residual stresses and distortions by taking into account all the multi-physics that is involved in Welding, Heat Treatment and Assembly manufacturing processes.

With Weld Planner, you can perform virtually Welding Distortion Engineering. You define components, joints, spots weld, seam weld, clamps and welding sequences in a weld plan, compute distortion and optimize it in order to keep it within tolerances.

The solution works with shell or solid and shell/solid meshes by using a fast shrinkage methodology.

Highlights of the release:

Management of Un-connected Mesh for Welding

  With the new functionality available in Weld Planner, it is not anymore mandatory to have coincident nodes between the components and the weld beads. The thermal and mechanical compatibility will be ensured automatically.

  Add Value:

  • Easy meshing
  • Strong Meshing Time Reduction
  • Unconnected Mesh Management between bead and component or between component and component
  • Compatible with DMP

Counterbalance Distorted Shape: Compensation

  • The distortion due to thermal dilatation and contraction cannot be reduced sometime as expected by optimizing the clamping system and the welding processes and sequences.
  • The parts have to be compensated before welding so that after welding the final assembly fit the tolerances required. For this purpose a compensation tool has been implemented inside the Weld Planner in order to counterbalance the distorted shape. The objective is to find the nominal geometry after welding assembly.
  • The initial geometry is counterbalanced after each run based on the obtained deformation and this corrected geometry is the initial state for next run. After several iterations the distortions fit the tolerances and the geometry of the component before welding assembly is known. This geometry before welding assembly can be then the target after stamping or forging or casting.

Please check VIRTUAL WELDING, HEAT TREATMENT & ASSEMBLY 2014 Release Notes for more details.

ソフトウェアドキュメント (Weld Planner 2014.0)

Weld Planner 2014.0 - Installation Guide
Weld-Planner_InstallationGuide.pdf (4.07 MB)
Weld Planner 2014.0 - Release Notes
VirtualWeldingAndAssembly_ReleaseNotes.pdf (13.43 MB)

ソフトウェアファイル (Weld Planner 2014.0)


Windows 64 Bits
1.25 GB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: WeldPlanner2014r0_Windows.zip
MD5 : 3b2f810a15afbaf4322aa9f1a4248ab4

Weld Planner 2014.0 installer for Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems (or higher)

How to install it:

Unzip WeldPlanner2014r0_Windows.zip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe

Follow instructions in Weld Planner 2014.0 Installation Guide.