Additive Manufacturing

ESI has developed a complete suite of tools addressing heat source/feed stock interaction to identify manufacturing defects and residual stresses. The solution offers distortion tools that reliably and efficiently predict the workpiece behavior during the build process and after its release from the base plate. The tools are integrated in a unified Integrated Computational Material Engineering platform (ICME): ESI Additive Manufacturing.

Release highlights of ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019

ESI Additive Manufacturing is a unique solution for the simulation of Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process. This multi- scale multi-physics tool provides at the moment two first modules:

  • Prescan (quick estimation of optimized parameter sets): Find best estimated parameter sets (laser power, laser speed, lasing strategy, etc.) maximizing material deposition rate and material density through quick optimization algorithms (parameter ranges scanning).
  • Distortion (macro scale modeling): Part-scale simulation of the manufacturing process by a layer-by-layer activation approach. This module simulates distortions and residual stresses in the workpiece at any time during production. The analysis of a manufacturability criterion (maximum distortion in build direction) gives a manufacturability assessment (build failure avoidance), representative of the feasibility of the part as defined by the user considering its support strategy and orientation.

Latest product release document (V2019.0) can be found here.

Image courtesy of Volum-e