OpenFOAM Made Easy with Visual-CFD: A Cost Effective CFD Solution

OpenFOAM Made Easy with Visual-CFD: A Cost Effective CFD Solution
Neu-Isenburg, Germany
熱流体, マルチフィジクス

Webinar Highlights:

  • Overview of OpenFOAM®
  • The motivation behind putting OpenFOAM® under Visual-Environment
  • Front End for OpenFOAM®: General Purpose CFD Offering
  • Differentiators
  • Q&A

Discussion points: 

  • Open source tools are an alternative to commercial tools due to their cost-effectiveness, but they have a steep learning curve due to lack of effective documentation as well as user interface. 
  • OpenFOAM® needs editing of numerous files, which may cause runtime errors and requires lot of debug time. Reduce human efforts and minimize errors using automation. 
  • Visual-CFD uses standard CFD terminology which ensures smooth transfer from existing tool to OpenFOAM® for engineering analysis of enterprise applications. Visual-CFD is a part of ESI’s multi-domain simulation platform and process Manager, Visual-Environment. 

Who can attend: CFD/ CAE Engineers, Team Leaders and Managers and those who are willing to change their current process with a cost effective yet user friendly approach. 

We look forward to your attendance! 

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