Readiness and value of virtual reality for industrial machinery

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2013年9月19日 Virtual Reality

The Industrial Machinery market (Industrial equipment, machine tool) has never been so complex. Machinery companies are requested to continuously innovate and optimize their products to face to increasing global competition and market demands.

Virtual Reality was born more than 10 years ago and has now reached the maturity to help industrial machinery manufacturers face those challenges, by creating immediate value for their business. The benefits identified by customers today are numerous: accelerated time-to-market, enhanced sales and marketing approaches, increased agility in the product development process, etc.

There are very different uses of Virtual Reality in this industry: collaborative and immersive design reviews (reachability, visibility and usability studies), evaluation and optimization of assembly and disassembly sequences, verification of resources and tooling for both manufacturing and maintenance, support of documentation and workflow animation/training, etc. However, all these different uses of Virtual Reality have one common point: they help actors of this industry to handle an increasing number of decision points and parallel workflows with more agility and efficiency.


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