Ergonomics - Posing kinematic chained and fixed element IC.IDO ErgonomicsRAMSIS Role

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by Bharath Isandra... 投稿日時: 2020年6月23日
Posing ergonomics digital human models (or manikins) is easy within IC.IDO with IDO.ErgonomicsRamsis modular functionality. Included with IC.IDO Build & Maintain or as an add-on module to traditional IC.IDO module installations, ErgonomicsRamsis allows for desktop or immersive interaction with wide ranges of body types and populations. This Tip & Trick video covers how to define a new pose for the manikin while constrained using a user defined Kinematic Chain or full body inverse kinematics. Additionally, you can choose to FIX in space parts of the manikin to further constrain the poses you create.
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