SEA - Virtual Transmission Loss

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by Ricardo Alvarez 投稿日時: 2015年8月15日
VTL model created in the background when VTL script is created
In a complex SEA model made out of several subsystems, using VA One is possible to extract the transmission loss (TL) of one or various subsystems in a single step. Transmission loss of partitions e.g. walls, floor, windows, enclosures have been studied theoretically and experimentally over many years. Partitions are often inhomogeneous, non-uniform, comprise combinations of different materials, have indeterminate boundary conditions and are subject to sound complex fields. Surprisingly the sound transmission behavior of many plane partitions is quite well represented by a simple model which ignores the boundaries. Sound transmission loss can be used to correlate the vibro-acoustic behavior of simple and/or complex systems.
VA One