CFD-ACE+ Introduction for Fluid Dynamics and Multiphysics


This course presents the CFD-ACE Graphical User Interface and the Solver, as well as the pre-processor CFD-GEOM, the post-processor CFD-VIEW, and the simulation manager SimManager. Other topics such as CFD-VisCART (adaptive Cartesian mesh generation system), Parallel Processing, Scripting, User Subroutines, etc. are introduced based on class interest.


Engineers and physicists wishing to use computational fluid dynamics for their applications


Learn the basic features and operation of the CFD-ACE+ suite of tools, the most advanced CFD and Multiphysics software. Leave the class with your own simulation ready to run!




Day 1, AM:

Introduction to Multi Disciplinary Modeling

ESI Group Product Overview


  • CFD-ACE+ Modules
  • Unique Attributes of CFD-ACE+
  • Theory: General Transport Equation and Numerical Methods
  • Tour of Graphical User Interface
  • Hands On CFD Demo Case: Problem Statement, GUI Setup, Solution Generation, Post-Processing with CFD-VIEW

Day 1, PM:

  • Hands-on Multi-Physics Demo Case: Problem Statement, GUI Setup, Solution Generation, Post-Processing with CFD-VIEW
  • CFD-ACE+ Tutorials: Choice from over 40 Tutorials
  • CFD-VIEW Tutorials

Day 2, AM:


  • Introduction
  • Geometry Construction Tools
  • Structured Grid Generation Procedure
  • Journaling
  • Hands-On CFD-GEOM Demo Tutorial

Day 2, PM:

  • Unstructured Grid Generation Procedure
  • Hands-On CFD-GEOM Demo Tutorial 
  • CFD-GEOM Tips and Tricks
  • CFD-GEOM Tutorials: Choice from over 30 Tutorials

Day 3, AM:
CFD-GEOM Scripting

  • Introduction to Python Language
  • CFD-GEOM Python Modules
  • Sample CFD-GEOM Script
  • Journaling in CFD-GEOM

Simulation Manager (SimManager)

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Parametric Wizard
  • Optimization Wizard
  • SimManager Scripting
  • SimManager Tutorials

Day 3, PM:

  • CFD-ACE+ User Subroutines: Introduction, Uses, Features, Hands On Demo Case, User Subroutine Tutorials
  • Parallel Processing (if requested)
  • CFD-VisCART (if requested)
  • CFD-Micromesh (if requested)
  • CFD-Toolkit
  • DTF Utilities

Day 4:
One-on-One for Customer Issues/ Problems, and Interaction with CFD-ACE+ Developers if needed

We encourage customers to send problem descriptions and/or sketches to ESI Group at least one week prior to the course. This will facilitate the setup of your cases on this open day of training, and allow us to arrange meetings if necessary with ESI Group developers to discuss specific capabilities and modeling issues.

The course content can be customized according to the participants.

4 days
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