Mechanics (1D) - online


Participation fee per person: 560,00 € plus VAT

Training courses are held with a minimum number of 3 participants per training course and day. If the number of registrations is too low, the booking will be changed to the next date according to the training schedule Rescheduling will take place up to 1 week before the start of the training. The customers's booking remains valid for the new date.

Cancellation by the customer: In the event of cancellation by the customer up to 4 weeks before the start of the event, a charge of € 150 plus VAT will be made. For cancellations made by the client 4 weeks or less prior to the start of the training course, ESI will charge the full participation fee plus VAT. The full participation fee will also be charged if the registered participant does not attend.




In this training course on 1D mechanics, you will learn how to quickly design and analyze linear and nonlinear oscillator chains as well as branched systems from the fields of drive technology, gear technology, mechanisms, aggregate bearing arrangements and much more, using numerous practical examples.


Previous participation in the course "Introduction to SimulationX I - Fundamental" is recommended.


- Mechanics libraries and their fields of application

- Conception and structure of libraries

- Discretization and local definitions

- General modeling basics

- Properties and use of model elements

- Parameterization (default settings) and variables

 - Linear elastic structures (modal equivalent system, ANSYS import)

- Linkage to other libraries

- Performance optimization of models

  Mapping of relevant effects Performance and dynamics analysis

  Model reduction Faster and more efficient calculation

- Linear system analysis, result representation, evaluation and analysis in time and frequency domain


- Single-mass oscillator and thrust crank mechanism

- Simple planetary gear

- Excitation function using the example of a 3-mass oscillator

- Non-linear couplings (incl. hysteresis function)

System Modeling
Split in 2 days a 4 hours
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