VA One for Automotive Industry (SEA Topics)


Combining lectures, demos and hands-on sessions, participants acquire and consolidate its knowledge of SEA applied to automotive cases.


Automotive engineers working with noise and vibration applications who wish to acquire basic knowledge of the VA One SEA module or consolidate its knowledge gaining practical experience with automotive cases.


Understand and consolidate the theory for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) and carry out automotive case designs and analysis using the VA One - SEA module.


Basic understanding of vibration and acoustics


MODULE 1 (2 days)

- Theory of Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
- Using VA One to create SEA models
- Model building
- Using the Database
- Solving and getting results
- SEA assumptions and application

Application of SEA to Automotive Industry
- SEA Modeling of Vehicles
- Vehicle Modeling Process
- Creating SEA Structure
- Creating SEA Cavities
- Junctions
- Modeling of leaks and pass-throughs
- Sound Package Modeling
- Managing Sound Package
- Model Creation Example (Component Level)
         - Creating SEA Floor Model from FE
         - Creating SEA Roof Model from FE
- Model Creation Example (Vehicle Level)
         - Creating Interior SEA Cavities
         - Creating Exterior SEA Cavities
         - Creating Sound Package"


MODULE 2 (2 days)

- Vibro-Acoustic systems
- The source-path-receiver model
- Uncertainty and statistical mechanics
- Conservation of energy and the SEA equations
- Waves, wavenumber and dispersion curves
- Wave propagation in 1D, 2D and 3D subsystems
- The SEA parameters
- Energy storage
- Energy transmission
- Energy input and dissipation

Application of SEA to Automotive Engineering
- Automotive Load cases
- Creating Automotive Load cases
- Model Analysis
- SEA Model Results Analysis
- SEA Model QA
- Model Creation Example (Vehicle Level)
         - Creating Half Vehicle Model
         - Mirror Vehicle Model
         - Creating Full Vehicle Model
         - Creating SEA Load cases
         - Model Analysis
         - Model Results Diagnosis
- Model check list"

4 days
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