Virtual Reality - Grundlagen (Basics)


Basic knowledge for working on the desktop as well as on the immersive system will be imparted. The theoretical knowledge is consolidated by working on practical cases. The goal of the training is to provide the user with the knowledge and skills to work independently on basic use cases. Participation in the "Virtual Reality - Grundlagen (Basics)" training is a prerequisite for all further advanced training courses. 

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No trainings scheduled, only upon request.


Newcomers as well as people who want to generally be informed about the possibilities of IC.IDO.


This 5-day training is aimed at newcomers and people who want to get general information about the possibilities of the IC.IDO software.


No previous knowledge is necessary.


  • Software-Basics
  • IDO.Explore
    • Data management (import, export, save)
    • Transformation and properties dialog
    • Appearances, environment
    • Review functionalities, section plane, markers, measurement function, documentation
    • State concept
    • Variant creation
    • Introduction to groups
  • IDO.Present
    • Creating animations
    • Recording interaction
    • Playback functions
    • Import/Export
  • IDO.ErgonomicsRAMSIS
    • Basics
    • Interfaces with RAMSIS
    • Use of human models
    • Integration of the human model in the simulation
  • IDO.SolidMechanics
    • Creating simulation objects
    • Creating coordinate systems
    • Construction of simple kinematics
    • Collision investigations
    • Interaction between simulation and animation
  • IDO.Immersive Workspace
    • Operation of the immersive system
    • Menu
    • Input device
    • Module operation
Virtual Reality
only upon request - 5 days - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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