Virtual Seat Solution


With the Virtual Seat Solution (VSS), a tool is available that allows a large part of the simulation tasks to be performed in the context of seat development to be handled in an integrated graphical environment. Starting from a uniform FE-model of the seat (single-core-model), load cases like static load (e.g. HPM1 manikin, pressure distribution during seating of human models), tensile simulation, dynamic comfort, whiplash or thermal load can be handled. Prerequisite for this is on the one hand the integration of the previous PAM-COMFORT solution into the Visual-Environment library of ESI and on the other hand the access to implicit solver functions. The training offers an introduction into the handling of VSS for the treatment of these questions. In addition to a general presentation of the functionalities, the focus is on practical exercises of the participants, in which a complete seat model is built and the above mentioned load cases are considered.


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Seat Designers and CAE Engineers.


Prepare a seat model ready to be used for virtual performance testing.


Experience working with an explicit calculation program is an advantage.


  • Overview VSS functionalities
  • Practical exercise
    • Structure of seat model
    • Integration of manikins (HPM1, HRMD, HPM2) resp. human models (5%, 50%, 95% "SizeUSA" resp. "SizeKorea")
    • Evaluation of the results
  • Sequence of a reference simulation
  • Introduction Trim-Advisor
  • Practical exercise: Determination of the transfer function under dyna- mic loading
Virtual Integration Platform, Virtual Seat
2 days - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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