Visual-Mesh - Grundlagen (Basics)


Visual-Mesh is a powerful program to efficiently mesh complex geometries in crash, NVH or other finite element applications. It supports simultaneous work with multiple geometries and FE models in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Different CAD formats such as CATIA V4/V5, NX, ProE, STEP, etc. can be imported, cleaned up and then networked. In addition, the file formats of various proprietary solvers are supported in the import & export area and tools for global and local mesh control are provided. The training provides a quick and effective introduction to Visual-Mesh. The basic working methods as well as the most important functions are illustrated and used by means of targeted exercises. The training content is based on general and typical tasks such as importing CAD geometry data, geo-metric preparation, meshing and checking element quality.


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CAE analysts who work on various disciplines and do not have experience in Visual-Mesh.


This course introduces participants to the basics in Visual-Mesh. Learn to work with CAD geometry, meshing tools for 1D, 2D and 3D and editing features.


There are no special pre-requisites necessary.


  • Visual-Mesh graphical user interface
  • Geometry
    • CAD import
    • Data cleaning and geometry processing
    • Create geometry (surfaces, curves and mid-surfaces)
  • Meshing
    • 2D meshing tools
      • Interactive meshing
      • Mesh creation and mesh editing on surface geometry
      • Auto meshing option
      • Topology meshing
  • Introduction to solid meshing
    • 3D meshing tools
      • Layer-Mesh
      • Map-Mesh
      • Tetra-Mesh
      • Correction options
  • Clean-up and element quality options
Virtual Integration Platform
1 day - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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