Introduction to ESI IC.IDO 13.1

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Virtual Reality


Key Webinar Topics & Release Highlights:

In this webinar, we will introduce new and enhanced capabilities that are available with ESI IC.IDO 13.1, our latest release which builds upon the innovations introduced in version 13.0*. The focus of IC.IDO 13.1 is to provide productive capabilities for deployment in Enterprise VR for Engineering. IC.IDO addresses Human-Centric product engineering, manufacturing and maintenance validation workflows. 

  • Human-Centric product and process engineering
    • Export capabilities from ergonomics digital human model RAMSIS
    • Additional HMD hardware supported devices
    • Reuse and combine session content and simulation*
    • Updated Hand & Finger Tracking and Body Tracking Capabilities*
  • Component and tool requirements in virtual reviews
    • Import and export of points and lines from JT format dataset for better plant/factory/cell visualization
    • Increased Simulation Fidelity for Wires and Cables*
    • Streamlined Space Claim Analysis Process*
  • Additional experiential product and process engineering options
    • Improved collaborative experience with enhanced navigation and workflow
    • True-to-life visualization with increased performance of raytraced scenes using NVIDIA Optix technology
    • Persistent Rich Experiences for Process & Issue Communication*
    • Streamlined conversion for downstream export*
    • Improved Avatar Representation*
    • Updated connector packages with IC.IDO Build & Maintain*
  • Updated application infrastructure and floating license management*, new and more secure 3rd party and open-source SDKs, and customizable visualization overlay marking


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Introduction to ESI IC.IDO 13.1