Solidification Course 2019

Solidification Course 2019
Villars sur Ollon, Switzerland
12 May 2019 to 17 May 2019

For the twenty-eighth consecutive year, Calcom ESI, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL), is organizing a solidification course with the participation of renowned lecturers from Swiss, French, Austrian, Canadian and US universities.

This one-week course held in English is designed for engineers and scientists from industry and research centers who wish to improve their knowledge in the field of solidification. Participants should have a degree in materials science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, physics or chemistry.


Over 27 years, the course attracted 941 participants from over 341 companies and 38 countries.

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Although the theoretical background of solidification is reviewed, the course is oriented towards the application of solidification theories to industrial processes. The macroscopic aspects of the processes (transfer phenomena) are addressed together with the formation of microstructures and defects (microscopic phenomena). Connection between macroscopic and microscopic aspects, such as the prediction of microstructures and defects as a function of process parameters, is also emphasized. Examples of the application of these concepts to industrial processes in casting, such as shape casting, continuous casting, additive manufacturing and directional solidification, are given.

Exercises, discussions and films are organized in order to apply, practice and visualize the content of the lectures. Due to the limited number of participants (maximum 40), interactions between the participants and the eight lecturers will allow an optimum transfer of knowledge, during the whole week, as was demonstrated during the previous editions.

Finally, private or group discussions can take place during social hours, evenings and Wednesday afternoon in order to treat more specific problems which the participants may encounter.

The course follows very closely the content of the book “Solidification” by J.A. Dantzig and M. Rappaz.