ESI ProCAST offer a comprehensive virtual casting process validation to predict effects, microstructure, mechanical properties and control distortion. With over 30 years of industrial, research and academic collaboration, ESI ProCAST helps to validate decisions during prototyping, improve yield, suppress trials and reduce manufacturing cost.

Highlights of ESI ProCAST 2019 release 

  • A deep review has been done on the ProCAST solver, especially on the Thermal, Flow & Stress solvers to achieve robustness and repeatability across different OS platforms / cores
  • The grain structure solver CAFÉ has been recoded from scratch called the CAFÉ 2G solver. It includes all the physics of the legacy CAFÉ solver, plus enables remelting & epitaxial growth, better handling of larger cases. Moreover, its available on DMP helping quicker turn-around times
  • In a continuing effort to master the thermal profile of the dies, a realistic flow of the cooling media inside the die channels including automatic computation of heat exchange in the dies as a function of coolant flow depending on its location and time is now possible.
  • Air escape through the plunger clearance in die castings is now automated
  • The filter model is enhanced to include the inertial permeability (Darcy-Forchheimer Law) which is significant at relatively high velocities
  • For the Cast Iron Sand Casting industry, a new microstructure model has been proposed to improve the way of handling multi-component systems. This extends the physics of the complex cast iron solidification & microstructure formation
  • Scalability across cores has been enhanced, and now the recommended max is 32cores

Find the latest document covering what's new with ESI ProCAST 2019 here.