ESI SYSTUS is a robust software package to simulate all the multi-physics involved in Mechanical Engineering. ESI SYSTUS solution is  an Industry-validated software to perform Nuclear Power Plant regulatory analyses (ASME/RCC-M). In the field of fracture mechanics, it allows the customer to perform brittle and ductile fracture and fatigue analyses. For shape optimization, ESI SYSTUS offers an innovative application using level sets technology. 

Highlights of ESI SYSTUS 2019

  • Regulatory Analyses: Are the analyses required by Codes and Standards establishing the safety rules for the design, Construction and operational monitoring of mechanical equipment of nuclear installations.
  • Topology Optimization: TOPAZE application allow users to solve problems of shape optimization. Our application is based on the level-set technology, which guaranties an exact definition of the optimal shape.

Find the latest release notes for the version 2019 here