Sheet Metal Forming

ESI PAM-STAMP combines a process driven, easy-to-use, intuitive graphic user interface with a solver that enables delivering results with the highest accuracy for cold, warm and hot sheet metal forming processes. ESI PAM-STAMP enables you to remove any uncertainty from try-out. ESI PAM-STAMP offers a solution for all SMF advanced processes like hot forming, roll hemming, marriage (new), clamping and joining (new). ESI PAM-STAMP is used for sheet metal forming INCLUDING the assembly of components like doors and closures.You can manage the entire process chain. It spans from quick iterations on the part design, through forming process engineering to try-out validation and high-precision assembly of closure panels. All of that allows you to recognize and correct as-built distortion, surface quality, or gap-and flush in assembly. 

Release highlights for ESI PAM-STAMP 2019

  • Efficiency and user experience improvements
  • Accuracy for material and process modeling
  • Reduction of the simulation turnaround time

Latest product release note & installation document (V2019.0) can be found here.

Image courtesy of AP&T