Virtual Integration Platform

Visual-Environment is an open architecture CAE platform that continuously expands its capability to enable smart Virtual Prototyping. It provides one single environment that encompasses the complete workflow for realistic simulation-based design. It covers all of the activities of a CAE engineer, starting from interfacing to CAD formats, CAD cleanup, meshing, assembling the model, model setup and post-processing, using a single core extendable compute model. It further provides integrated simulation tools to automate tasks through scripts, macros and CAE processes across multiple CAE domains. 

Highlights of ESI Visual-Environment 15.0

  • A new Distortion wizard dedicated to 'Manufacturability Assessment' is designed and integrated into Visual-AM.
  • Visual-Cast, though a minor release, comes with industry specific workflow adoption and improvements like HPDC Machine selection, Optimization and Castability (RECIFE).
  • Visual-CEM, with this release, supports Strong Coupling formalism operating in the Time Domain. 
  • The main focus in Visual-CFD is on the support of Radiation, Passive scalar and discrete phase modelling, apart from being compatible with OpenFOAM v1812 and OpenFOAM 5.0.
  • Visual-Crash DYNA has improved support for file export and seatbelt routing.
  • Visual-Crash PAM enables isolation of Modules from an assembled compute model, for easy manipulation. Numbering rules can be attached to include files or Modules.
  • Visual-Machining provides new updates to better predict machined surface quality issues apart from new features control the workpiece tolerance by considering the clamping conditions used for the part fixture.
  • Visual-Meshcontinues toimprove its CAD Import capabilitiesby improving import performance of very large models.It is also now compatible with the latest version of CATIA V5 (6R2018) for Linux versions.
  • The 'Design Of Experiments' option in Visual-RTM is improved and enhanced with new functionalities.
  • Visual-SYSTUS now supports a Computation Follow-up that allows checking and following the evolution of criteria during computation.
  • Improved support for TPA Reports, Overlay, MAC and Surface Plot form the focus of Visual-Viewer apart from other specific updates.
  • Customary updates are also made in the modules such as Visual-Weld, Visual-Assembly and others, some of which are minor releases.

Latest release notes can be found here.