Virtual Reality

ESI’s IC.IDO is the leading virtual reality solution for manufacturing organizations empowering them with the ability to validate and improve their designs early on. Thanks to its unique real-time physics solver and high performance visualization, customers are able to rapidly analyze complex design challenges across the entire value chain – particularly in concept design, design for manufacturability and serviceability, and manufacturing engineering.

Highlights of IC.IDO 13.0 Release

  • Reuse of Simulation Content along multiple Advanced Simulation and Validation Scenarios saves additional data preparation time and effort
  • Reuse of Finger Calibration enables high-fidelity Clearance Studies with higher user acceptance and better user experience
  • Higher Accuracy in Simulation of Wires and Cables including self-collision support and improved simulation performance in scenarios with higher complexity
  • Streamlined Space Claim Analysis Process reduces assembly and service engineer’s effort to validate results and reduces their reliance on other expert tools.
  • Extended Remote Body Tracking Capabilities in Collaborative Sessions reduces barriers to deploy advanced simulations across manufacturing engineering teams and locations
  • Persistent Rich Experiences for Process & Issue Communication allows inclusion of (remote) stakeholder’s digital review feedback in decision-making process at any time and location
  • Streamlined conversion of 1st person recorded processes into discrete job cards will create effective and efficient downstream work instructions for operator ramp-up and guidance
  • Improved Avatar Representation drives effective collaboration experiences with improved comprehension and stakeholder alignment
  • Teleport Navigation, Efficient Walk Mode, Position Reference improves key navigation and interaction workflows for better user acceptance
  • rapidly analyze complex design challenges across the entire value chain –particularly in concept design, design for manufacturability and serviceability,and manufacturing engineering.

Find the latest release notes (v13.0) here.