Welding & Assembly

ESI SYSWELD is an easy-to-use and robust software package to simulate all the multi-physics involved in Welding, Assembly and Heat Treatment manufacturing processes. From weld quality to body manufacturing & distortion engineering, SYSWELD offers a unique computer-aided assessment of material characteristics, residual stresses and distortions of a welded structure.  Welding & Assembly simulation minimizes the cost of manufacturing planning, try-out and fabrication validation and time to market. This allows our customers to spend the majority of their time creating new, innovative products. 

Highlights of ESI SYSWELD 2019 


  • Manage distortions of the complete global assembly based on different pre-computed subassemblies with mapping on deformed geometry, mapping with initialization of physical properties, mapping with geometrical transformation etc.
  • Significant improvement in the robustness and performance with new contact formulation (Nistche method)
  • Ensure weld quality by accurate prediction of the final grain structures of the welded joints
  • Predict part distortions for Heat treatment – machining (material removal) chaining. Update machining sequence to ensure the geometrical tolerances 


  • Thanks to improvements in DMP facilities, restart of the computation can be handled easily and at any time of the computation  
  • For multi-pass welding, automatic definition of the inter pass temperature is now also available in the batch mode
  • For heat source calibration, user can now superimpose welding simulation temperature results with the experimental macrograph


  • Heat power display has been developed in visual weld to have a direct look of heat power distribution that will be transferred to the component during simulation.  
  • For welding-assembly chaining scenarios for specific alloys where phase transformation can occur, developments are done to support the mechanical properties dependency versus the phase proportions. 

Find the latest release (V2019.0) notes here